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Research & Development

R&D is one of the pillars of Eurovia’s business strategy. It is inseparable from sustainable development: Eurovia relies on innovation to preserve the environment, protect user safety, and ensure the sustainability of infrastructure. Research teams focus on operational needs, striving to make innovations ready for industry use.


Research and sustainable development

Our Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) program is based on sustainable development. In all, 70% of Eurovia’s resources are earmarked for technologies and solutions designed to protect the natural environment and ensure infrastructure safety and longevity.

Research and industrialization

The Mérignac research centre creates and validates products and processes. The Technical Resources Directorate, which includes the materials management group, the technical department and the research centre, fosters the prompt transition from experimentation to industrialization and the dissemination of innovations.

Research topics

Eurovia’s research initiatives all share the same objective: to foster sustainable development as a benefit for the Company, our clients, our partners, and users. To that end, multiple tests and experiments are carried out at the Mérignac research centre and, later, in the field as part of pilot projects.


Cold products and processes

The aim research into “cold processes” is to understand the physical and chemical phenomena that control the production of emulsions and interactions with aggregates.

Special bituminous mixes

The Mérignac research centre possesses test equipment allowing the development of asphalt mixes up to level 4 (the highest level of type testing). Numerous additional tests are conducted to adapt each asphalt mix to specific worksites and weather conditions.

Waterproofing engineering structure

Eurovia’s range of waterproofing solutions for engineering structures includes 4 very effective products. Tests required to commercialize new products are carried out using high-technology equipment at the laboratory in our research centre.
Granulats et matériaux recyclés

Aggregates and recycled materials

The Mérignac research centre develops the geotechnical and environmental expertise required to maintain Eurovia’s leadership position in Europe. It also provides technical support for the development of aggregate-production units in France and internationally.
Signalisation routière

Road signs and markings

Signature, a Eurovia subsidiary and the leading supplier of road signs and markings in Europe, develops new road-marking paints designed to improve product durability and effectiveness.

Sharing Innovations

Sharing best practices within a group and a company both working together: that is the objective of the VINCI innovation awards and the Eurovia experience feedback awards. These two prizes reward ideas, tools and products that contribute to sharing and valorizing knowledge in all activity sectors. Solutions that provide concrete benefits to teams, clients, users...

Innovation terrains_appel

Whether it is improving safety on a job site or creating a new tool that makes a task easier, or by designing a product, The Vinci Innovation Award, open to all employees, rewards new innovations used in the field. In 2017, 9 innovations was awarded for Eurovia to the VINCI Innovation Awards.

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