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Research and industrialization

The Mérignac research centre creates and validates products and processes. The Technical Resources Directorate, which includes the materials management group, the technical department and the research centre, fosters the prompt transition from experimentation to industrialization and the dissemination of innovations.

Recently, this approach benefited the Sequoia® vegetable-based binders, the second-generation Tempera® warm mixes, and the Recyvia® range of on-site or in-plant road recycling solutions. Also in the process of being industrialized are Smartvia®, an intelligent road solution that uses sensors to provide real-time information on road conditions and track change over time, and Novaplast®, a new sealing process for engineering structures.

Eurovia designs its range of products and processes as a competitive asset by responding to stated client needs effectively. That is the case with the GAIA.BE® ecocomparative standard, a decision-making control system that estimates the environmental impact of future worksites.

Eurovia shares its innovations with all VINCI Group entities and, in turn, benefits from their technological developments.

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