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Research and sustainable development

Our Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) program is based on sustainable development. In all, 70% of Eurovia’s resources are earmarked for technologies and solutions designed to protect the natural environment and ensure infrastructure safety and longevity.

  • With respect to environmental protection, research focuses on recycling techniques, waste reclamation, energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction, noise-abatement solutions, and anti-pollution road surfaces. 
  • Regarding safety, researchers strive to improve skid resistance for road-surfacing solutions, optimize road visibility, and devise special processes for accident-prone zones. 
  • To ensure infrastructure longevity, Eurovia develops new techniques to create durable road-surfacing solutions.

Innovations are developed by teams at the Mérignac research centre and the North American technical centre in Montréal. Their expertise has broadened as Eurovia’s scope of activities has expanded and its activities become more international. After resins and road paint, the rail sector has recently become a research focus.

Every year, some 20 R&D projects are launched, most often in cooperation with major schools and universities as well as international institutions and industries.

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