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Granulats et matériaux recyclés

Aggregates and recycled materials

The Mérignac research centre develops the geotechnical and environmental expertise required to maintain Eurovia’s leadership position in Europe. It also provides technical support for the development of aggregate-production units in France and internationally.

The laboratory studies demolition materials, slag, incineration bottom ash, schist, and fly ash. Recycled and artificial aggregates represent a significant part of its activity.

These studies enable Eurovia to devise optimal development procedures in terms of geotechnical and environmental applications.

Eurovia possesses specific equipment designed to study aggregates, including the Wehner and Schulze polish and skid-resistance measurement device, an X-ray diffraction scanner, a colorimeter, a weathering simulator, an Eddy current separator, and a leaching laboratory.

Work conducted in the laboratory is pursued at experimental worksites in efforts to validate recycling and re-use processes. These initiatives have made Eurovia a key player in the development of standards and specifications.

Recent studies include:

  • Impact of the shape of aggregates on the properties of asphalt concretes;
  • Impact of aggregates’ colorimetric and photometric characteristics on those of road-surfacing solutions;
  • Use conditions of high rates of recycled aggregates and reclaimed asphalt in hydraulic and bituminous roadway products;
  • Environmental characteristics of natural, recycled, and artificial aggregates and establishment of “sustainable” environmental specifications.
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