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Cold products and processes

The aim research into “cold processes” is to understand the physical and chemical phenomena that control the production of emulsions and interactions with aggregates.

Our research initiatives take into account the renewable origin of raw materials and assess molecules such as emulsifiers, fluxes, waxes, adhesion additives, and foam additives. Research allows us to develop our range of products and ensure the transfer of technology to our subsidiaries around the world.

To conduct testing, the research centre has two pilot facilities for the production of emulsion, one pilot plant for foam bitumen, mixers for asphalt mixes, and tests to control bitumen emulsions (dynamic viscometer, laser particle sizer, pH meter, zetasizer).

Our families of cold products:

  • Cold-mix asphalts using Recyclovia®, Recyvia®, Ecolvia®, and Gripfibre®, gravel emulsion and foam, and storable cold mixes;
  • Bond and penetration coating (formulation of fast-break or controlled-break pure and polymer-modified bitumen).
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