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Expertise and technical developments

Mechanical expertise: in efforts to extend the life cycle of road-surface coatings, our laboratory personnel conducts mechanical tests using skills in electronics, physics, computer science, and modelling techniques. Tests include the study of degradation mechanisms, thermo-mechanical testing, “machine fatigue” prototype design, expertise studies, and others.

Acoustics expertise: some of the surface dressings are designed to absorb road-traffic noise. The research centre possesses vehicle-mounted measurement equipment that assesses the sonic properties of road surfaces, acoustic measurement facilities for in-laboratory product design, and a Kundt tube, which is a tool for measuring sound performance.

Environmental expertise: Eurovia does everything in its power to reduce olfactory and atmospheric nuisances and limit the release of effluents at its premises and worksites. The research centre is dedicated to monitoring environmental impact by developing advanced expertise in air-quality control. Numerous measurement initiatives are under way to gauge improvements in air quality.

Analytical expertise: high-tech analytical resources are used for the purposes of development and provide support to all Eurovia subsidiaries via the Company’s technical network. A few examples:

  • Optical microscopy combined with fluorescent resin injection to assess building materials;
  • Scanning electron microscopy with X-ray microprobe for maximum magnification in combination with chemical analyses;

Thermography to optimize natural resources by calculating appropriate production temperatures in accordance with variables at each worksite.

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