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Road-surfacing techniques and specialities

Teams from the research centre carried out on-site studies to test the effectiveness of NOxer®. A specially equipped vehicle was used to make measurements on all parameters affecting air quality and nitrogen oxides. As a result of the expertise acquired in the field, Eurovia has collaborated on multiple projects with public agencies specializing in monitoring air quality.

Resins and polymers: Eurovia produces and applies resin and other polymer-based products for roads (marking, waterproofing and technical surface dressing), the building industry (flooring, paint, waterproofing), and civil engineering (engineering structure waterproofing).

The Mérignac research centre features equipment designed for mechanical, rheological, and accelerated ageing tests. The centre also provides support to development projects undertaken by the Company’s subsidiaries.

Current programs: heat-sensitive varnish indicating negative temperatures, an insulating paint, and also: Smartvia®, tomorrow’s “intelligent road”! The roads of the future will be equipped with systems containing information on the roads’ original technical characteristics and sensors and probes designed to report on road conditions, store maintenance-related information, and guide preventive maintenance operations.

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