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Special bituminous mixes

The Mérignac research centre possesses test equipment allowing the development of asphalt mixes up to level 4 (the highest level of type testing). Numerous additional tests are conducted to adapt each asphalt mix to specific worksites and weather conditions.

Testing is carried out for every road layer in order to meet environmental, mechanical, and geographical criteria.

The research centre regularly adapts asphalt mixes to legislative requirements in the countries where Eurovia operates.

The work carried out by the research centre includes:

  • Development of Tempera® warm mixes: adaptable to most special mixes and allows production temperature reduction of up to 50°C;
  • Creation of Viasphalt BT®: enables a 70°C decrease in mixing and application temperatures of asphalt mixes in compliance with the new REACH regulations;
  • Development of asphalt mixes for race tracks using tests specifically designed for high-speed road surfaces;
  • Improvement of the Viaphone® noise-abatement solution: efforts to facilitate its export to the rest of Europe are under way.

Eurovia’s main special asphalt mixes:

Tempera®, Viaphone®, Renfovia®, Rexovia®, Modulovia®, Rugovia®, Drainovia®, Viacolor®, Flexiplast®, Viasaf®

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