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Waterproofing engineering structure

Eurovia’s range of waterproofing solutions for engineering structures includes 4 very effective products. Tests required to commercialize new products are carried out using high-technology equipment at the laboratory in our research centre.

Our development capacity has allowed us to validate and adapt products. As a result, we are able to ensure waterproofing of major engineering structures built by VINCI around the world. Recent achievements in this area include: the Rion-Antirion bridge in Greece and Grande Ravine bridge on the island of La Réunion Island. Also: Pont de l’Île de Ré, Pont de Normandie, Confederation Bridge in Canada, Pont de Bacalan in Bordeaux and Pont Mathilde in Rouen.

Eurovia’s sealing solutions:

Etanplast®, Orthoplast®, Viaplast®, Resiplast®

Currently being industrialized: Novaplast®, a new sealing process for which a patent application has been made and a technical notice drafted.

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