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Sharing Innovations

Sharing best practices within a group and a company both working together: that is the objective of the VINCI innovation awards and the Eurovia experience feedback awards. These two prizes reward ideas, tools and products that contribute to sharing and valorizing knowledge in all activity sectors. Solutions that provide concrete benefits to teams, clients, users...

The VINCI Innovation Award:

Whether it is improving safety on a job site or creating a new tool that makes a task easier, or by designing a product, The Vinci Innovation Award, open to all employees, rewards new innovations used in the field. In 2017, 9 innovations was awarded for Eurovia to the VINCI Innovation Awards. This is proof of the involvement of Eurovia's teams in this project.

Experience feedback:

At Eurovia, innovations, handy gizmos and even original ideas are made available online by everyone, through the Neva intranet, in the Experience feedback database. This data is then used for the Experience Feedback Award, created in 2007, and open at the international level since 2009 (North America, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Prizes are awarded every two years for the four best acknowledged projects, in addition to two special edition prizes for projects that have been best used by the company.

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