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Our commitments

Risk prevention, health and safety

At Eurovia, our employees’ health and safety are our priority. We are establishing a shared culture of accident prevention among all employees in the Group. To that end, we strongly support an approach designed to prevent potential accidents, which are commonly known as ‘near-misses’. By targeting root causes, we can prevent potential accidents turning into real accidents.
Our efforts to adjust equipment, enhance work techniques, and improve working conditions have positioned us as the leader in our sector with regard to occupational health and safety. Responsible performance, team work, and innovation – these are the values on which Eurovia is building its culture of accident prevention. All Eurovia employees are encouraged to live and breathe this culture each and every day.


Safety day

Every two years, the International Safety Day brings together all Eurovia employees and sub-contractors across all sites throughout the entire world. The last International Safety Day took place on 16 May 2019.

The environment and green growth

In all of its activities, Eurovia aims for environmental excellence. Our corporate project is designed to support eco-friendly development. It is based on a strong interconnection between the creation of economic value and the safeguarding of environmental equilibrium. We have set as our objectives to reduce CO2 emissions, be a leading player in the circular economy, and preserve biodiversity. These objectives shape our innovation policy and new service offers, such as the positive-energy road and the fully recycled road, as well as the development of new business lines, such as ecological engineering and materials recycling. Our environmental excellence initiative requires personal involvement from all Eurovia employees.


Environmental certification

Managing environmental risks on our projects is a fundamental priority. These efforts are now structured by a formal approach and worksites in France can be awarded with the “Excellence Environnement” label.

Ethics and compliance

Wherever we operate around the world, we are driven by the same will to conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner with all of our stakeholders. All Eurovia employees act in compliance with all applicable regulations as well as the requirements contained in the VINCI Code of Ethics and Conduct.


Eurovia’s success, development, and sustainability depend on the steadfast observance of best practices by every single one of us, without exception. Performance is built on a foundation of responsibility and accountability. And responsibility and accountability are essential values for Eurovia.

Community involvement

The deep roots we have laid in the regions in which we operate enable our companies to significantly contribute to the local economy and community. Our sponsorship initiatives and volunteering efforts focus on the neighbourhoods and districts surrounding our sites.

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The Eurovia Foundation

The Eurovia corporate foundation was set up over 20 years ago to offer support to the children of employees enabling them to continue their studies by awarding means-tested scholarships.
Fondation _VINCI

Fondation VINCI pour la Cité

The Fondation VINCI pour la Cité offers financial support to local initiatives designed to boost inclusion in the regions in which VINCI Group companies operate. It also gives employees the opportunity to dedicate their time so such initiatives may benefit from their expertise.
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