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Eurovia National Safety Day in Poland

Wednesday 28th of May,2014 Eurovia organized its first Safety Day in Poland. This event took place all over Poland resulting in 45 meetings in the four regions including the participation of all 1100 employees as well as Board Members to show the involvement of Top Management in Health & Safety matters. This event was the opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of Safety at work as well as existing Group actions to prevent from hazardous situations. Hence, the “First 5 minutes” as well as the near-miss approach were at the heart of these exchanges with the dissemination of the “First 5 minutes” film which met a warm welcoming due to its comic aspect and straight forward message. Furthermore, fatal accidents sadly encountered in Poland in the last past years have been addressed by the mean of animations telling accidents circumstances and workshops to remind employees that preventive actions exist to fight against dangerous situations using simple and daily actions to avoid the loss of a colleague or family. Due to its positive feedback from all divisions, this Eurovia National Safety Day in Poland will surely become systematic in alternance with Eurovia International Safety Day, enabling to focus on safety topics which need to be understood and deployed in the country.
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