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Prevention briefs and calendar

The prevention calendar, available in seven languages and distributed to all teams, features monthly prevention messages, including helpful instructions, which can be displayed in the workplace. The calendar is a useful reminder of good prevention practices in the workplace, including at worksites, on the road, in workshops, and at industrial facilities. It can be used as a presentation tool by worksite managers, who hold in-depth monthly meetings with their employees to review specific safety-related themes or work-related risks, including road accidents, individual protection equipment, driving/operating authorizations, safe in-trench work practices, gestures and attitudes, risks with regard to underground networks, noise, and worksite signs and markings. In efforts to define the key messages from these meetings and to facilitate prevention briefs (which are short safety refresher sessions), a printed presentation module is sent to all managers. Films illustrating some of the themes are also made available and screened during the prevention briefs.
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