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Sun-risk prevention

In spring 2011, Eurovia launched a prevention approach in France designed to raise employee awareness of sunlight-related exposure risk. This was innovative since no current regulation governs workers’ exposure to the sun’s rays. Accordingly, all Eurovia employees may consult a dermatologist, with the Company paying the cost of the consultation. Concurrently, various other initiatives have been implemented:  a prevention brochure  a brief information session on the hazards of heat and UV light  a guide on equipment and procedures to be used in cases of exposure to heat and UV light  maps showing temperatures and UV indexes available on the Company’s intranet site In addition to this campaign, Eurovia tested new protection equipment in collaboration with a professor of dermatology and occupational physicians:  comfortable and retroreflective work clothing designed to “breathe” and provide protection against UV light  wide-brimmed head-gear  UV-blocking sunglasses  helmets that cover more of the face  and sunscreen creams
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