Our approach

“Our duty is to find ways and means of achieving our zero-accident objective. Over the past several years, we have invested in occupational health and safety and, together with our personnel, we are building a culture of responsibility and prevention.”

Pierre Anjolras, CEO, Eurovia

Prevention is present throughout the Company and at every hierarchical level on a permanent and daily basis.

Change techniques and operating methods, change materials, change individual behaviour, curtail change hazardous situations and analyze the causes of incidents and accidents - these are the fundamental components of our approach to prevention, which give rise to multiple tangible actions in the field.

We view prevention as a critical part of our civic responsibility. For the past several years, Eurovia has worked closely with occupational medicine specialists, France's institute for research and security (INRS), France's national institute for health and medical research (INSERM), the World Health Organization (WHO), and medical insurance boards in efforts to enhance our prevention and risk-management activities on an ongoing basis.

In addition to its compliance with the regulatory structure that frames discussions and ensures transparence with respect to prevention, particularly via committees for occupational health and safety and working conditions (CHSCT), Eurovia implements procedures and partnerships that reflect its assertive and proactive approach to risk-management. 

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