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bridges over the Schwanebeck interchange

In May 2012, after only one year of construction, the first bridges at the motorway interchange Schwanebeck north of Berlin were opened to traffic. Due to its tight time frame, this project was a major challenge for our subsidiary Ingenieurbau (Eurovia Beton GmbH). At the end of May, a 154-m-long steel composite bridge from the A10 to the A11 and a 131-m-long prestressed concrete bridge on the A11 ramp to the A10 came into operation. On June 30, the so-called Bear Bridge, an extension of a frame building constructed in the 1930s with the relief of the Berlin bear set into the stone veneer, was reopened. On July 5, reopening was planned for a 90-m-long prestressed concrete bridge and a 171-m-long steel composite bridge on the A11 ramp to the A10. Three other bridges are complete by the end of July. For the last of the nine bridges, the construction of the superstructure started in August.
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