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A consortium led by Eurovia repairs 60 km of the A-Modell A5 in Bade-Wurtemberg

A consortium led by Eurovia is currently upgrading and widening the A5 motorway between the cities of Malsch and Offenburg located in southern Germany. The consortium is involved as part of a public-private partnership contract managed by VINCI Concessions. The target of the widening scheme is a 41.5-km segment of the 60-km motorway that connects the two cities; the segment will be converted from a dual 2-lane to a dual 3-lane configuration. This major worksite was launched in 2009, and work has been progressing rapidly as 20 km are practically completed. In all, no fewer than 58 bridges and 5 retaining walls and no less than 12.5 km of noise-attenuation barriers will be built. At the end of the project, set for 2013, traffic will resume normally on the new segment without any restriction.
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