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S177 opened to traffic

The S177 between the motorway A4 and Radeberg (Saxony) as a motorway feeder road with about 20,000 vehicle movements per day is one of the busiest roads in the region. In April 2012, Eurovia Verkehrsbau Union GmbH won the contract for several construction projects. These included the construction of a cycle path (approx. 5,000 m²) in parallel with the S177, the renovation of 19,000 m² of asphalt binder and cover layer with partial renewal of the base course on a 2.5 km section of the S177 as well as the construction of a transmission structure. Due to the high traffic on the road a special asphalt was installed on approximately 8,500 m². This method is to increase the resistance of the road surface against cracking and rutting. The temporal specifications of the client posed some special challenges. The allowed time for the full closure of the road was limited to two periods with a total of 20 working days during the summer holidays in Saxony. With the beginning of the new school year, the S177 could be reopened to traffic. One of the first users of the newly constructed bike path was the Saxon Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich who used the bike path on the 21st August on a cycling tour through his district.
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