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Commissioning of a section of A4

On January 6, a 24.5 km section of the A4 autoroute was put into service. This 18.5 km 2 x 3 lane, and 6 km 2 x 2 section, which is the Hörselberg bypass (in the centre of the country), first opened in one direction (to Francfort); the reverse direction (to Dresde) was opened on January 8. The completion of this section required constructing three interchange ramps, 3 viaducts and 21 engineering structures, in addition to setting up 4,500 metres of noise abatement walls. Begun in April of 2008, the work comes under the framework of the design, construction and repair contract of a 45 km section of the A4 and is intended to free up one of the main highway arteries crossing Germany from East to West. The project was completed by a consortium comprised of Eurovia, commissioned agent (1/3), Hochtief Construction (1/3) and PME allemandes (1/3).
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