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Canada - Vallée-des-Forts Highway

Construction DJL will be undertaking a major road project of Quebec’s Transport Ministry. The project consists of the completion of Highway 35 also called Vallée-des-Forts Highway near the city of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Québec). From August 2013 to August 2015, Construction DJL team will be anticipating several tasks: the construction of a roundabout on Chemin de la Grande-Ligne, the redevelopment of Route 133 between highway 35 and the Chemin de la Grande-Ligne, the construction of a bridge on Route 227 that will span across Highway 35. Shoring will be done with the aid of a concrete gantry framework. In regards to the work on Highway Vallée-des-Forts, this part of the project involves the construction of two segments: 1 (9.8 Km) and 2 (14.7 Km). Among anticipated challenges that are perceived at the beginning of most construction sites, as in any project would be respecting schedules and budget. Our team will particularly be mindful in keeping in compliance with environmental constraints and water streams. The project manager will also ensure proper management the materials needed and the coordination of the various personnel and subcontractors of the job the site. About Highway 35 : The construction of Highway 35 that connects Canada to the US -Highway 10 (Canada) to the Interstate 89 (US) in Vermont began in the mid-sixties, 1965 to be exact. Two years later and 19 km further, the project was abandoned. It was in 2009 that Quebec’s Transport Ministry had undertaken the responsibility to complete this road that creates a real trade corridor between Quebec and New England (Boston).
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