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DJL is awarded two road maintenance contracts in New Brunswick

DJL was awarded two New Brunswick road maintenance contracts in July, 2009, covering a total of 2.6 million m2 of road surface, the equivalent of 700 km. These are the two largest contracts signed in the history of the firm. The projects, under the PPP (public-private partnership), include the repair of sections of Autouroute 2 using cold asphalt coatings, in order to slow asphalt degradation over a 5-7 year period. The first contract (approximately ?2.9M) covers 39 km close to Fredericton. The second contract comprises three distinct sections in St-Basile, Perth-Andover and Woodstock (26 km in total), at a cost of approximately ?1.8M. The 1.7 million litres of required emulsified asphalt (60 days of production) is produced at the Carignan plant in Quebec City, 850 km from the work site, and requires the establishment of transportation logistics and special preparations.
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