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green light for the Rapibus project

Construction DJL's Major Projects Division has just been contracted to build a new rapid transit system - known as Rapibus - for the City of Gatineau. This resourceful project will provide transit users with 12 km of dedicated lanes, 10 highly secure stations, a 10-km circuit of bike paths, and incentive parking lots. In its capacity as general contractor, Construction DJL is tasked with the responsibility of managing subcontractors in order to meet deadlines and work closely with City of Gatineau representatives and the various professionals involved in the project to ensure that their requirements are met. The Rapibus project should be completed by mid-July 2013. What is Rapibus? It is a rapid-bus system that combines the reliability of railways and the flexibility of buses. It uses high-speed bus-only roadways. It combines smart transport technology and larger-capacity, quieter, and cleaner vehicles within an integrated network of infrastructure, services, and amenities that result in enhanced reliability, flexibility, and network brand.
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