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Czech Republic: A New Park in Prague with a Children’s Playground

On 2014 September, 24, after one-and-a-half years of work, a new park was inaugurated near Prague Castle: a 2.5-hectare area of rest and recreation. In particular, residents of Prague can find games to keep their children amused: the park has 42 benches and various equipment for children to play on (beam, rope bridge, balance beams along the ground, spider-web climbing structure). Brusnica Stream, which crosses through the park, is a playground with water jets, diversions, locks, and a small watermill. The park also has an observatory for visitors. This observatory can be accessed via a paved reinforced road leading to the square on Strešovicka Street and a concrete path for a walk along the supporting wall. To create the green spaces, Eurovia Cs used 4,500 bushes, 175 trees and 3,500 perennial plants. The entire project was designed in cooperation with the National Heritage Institute, the administration of the Prague Castle and the Military History Institute.
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