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Czech Republic: creating a railway connection between an airport and an industrial zone

On December 16, a formal ceremony was held to inaugurate the rail link between Leoš Janáček Airport and the Mošnov industrial zone in Ostrava (in eastern Czech Republic). A new rail section between Sedlnice and Leoš Janáček Airport now provides a public transit connection between the airport and the industrial zone; in all, the new segment is 2.9 kilometres long. The segment ends at the interchange terminal, a roofed facility in which a 170-metre platform was built. The terminal features a glass roof and façades and is connected to the airport’s departure area by access infrastructure (specifically, a covered hall in the form of a tunnel). The terminal can also be accessed by road, and a new car park was created in front of the building. In the location where the rail line crosses the existing road, an overpass was built over the tracks along with adjacent retaining walls. In the location where the rail line crosses the Albrechtičský stream, drain channels were installed (both for the rail and road segments). A new service lane and car park for airport infrastructure-maintenance personnel were also built as part of the project. All utility networks were rerouted to accommodate the project. Catenaries, transformer stations, substations, and communication and safety structures (including control systems) were placed in a newly created space. The project was partly funded by the European Union’s Transport Fund.
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