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Czech Republic: Eurovia build two new sections for motorway D3

Following the signing in February 2015 of the contracts calling for two new segments for motorway D3, work began on Tuesday, April 7. Upon completion, D3 will connect the city of Prague with the Central Bohemian region and the South Bohemian Region. The regions of Tábor and České Budějovice will be connected to the national motorway network, and, in the southern part of the country, motorway D3 will provide access to Austrian roadways and motorways. In addition to traffic safety improvements and reduced traffic volume, this new motorway will reduce travel time and relieve congestion. Construction of the two segments should require three years. Motorway D3 is part of the international E55 carriageway that runs from Scandinavia to Greece. It is also part of the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport) network.
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