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Upgrades to section 5

In early December, Eurovia CS completed upgrades to section 5 (between the exits for Šternov and Psáře in the middle of the country) for the Czech Republic’s roadway and motorway authority. This is the first section to be completed in both directions and on which all traffic restrictions have been lifted. This project, which focused on a section more than 7 kilometres in length, was launched in summer 2013 and was delivered on time. Eurovia CS teams carried out their tasks in stages, limiting motorway traffic along the way. Work began with upgrades to the surface course and the widening of the roadway, first in the Prague-to-Brno direction and then in the opposite direction. This section includes two overpasses that had to be replaced. In summer 2013, both overpasses were demolished – at night and weekends so as to minimize the inconvenience – and in summer 2014, new overpasses were built. In October, the section was partially reopened. At this point, only the central reservation was left to complete. This has now been done, and traffic can flow in this section without restriction.
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