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France Malakoff

Malakoff Quarter

Creating a new neighbourhood on nearly 164 ha of wasteland just 900 m from the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany was the challenge faced by the teams at the Nantes division. With strong support from the State, Malakoff was one of the city's 'major' projects launched in 2002. Since 2006, six job sites have been completed for our client, Nantes Métropole, in this sector with 4,000 inhabitants. The projects will be completed by 2011, thus redefining a neighbourhood located between the Loire and the railway tracks. The work already completed ranges from earthworks to the street system, not to mention sanitary drainage, metal work, and the granite stone curbs and approaches of the famous Marcel Saupin stadium. Of special note: six people involved integration worked on the site, via INSERIM, an agency aided by VINCI Foundation. A few figures: - 100,000m3 of earthworks - 11,000 m2 of cement paving block laid - 5,500 m2 of granite paving block laid - 9 000 tonnes of demolition material recycled
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