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wastewater treatment plant upgrade project

n joint contracting with VINCI Construction France and VINCI Construction Terrassement, Watelet TP agence de Plaisir (near Versailles) obtained the wastewater treatment plant upgrade project at "Carré de Réunion" in Saint-Cyr-l’Ecole. The project was launched in July 2012 and will be completed in three years. The project calls for the removal of 230,000 m3 of materials, including 160,000 m3 of excavations to evacuate as well as 30,000 tonnes of “as-dug” gravel, 11,000 m² of deactivated concrete, 32 kilometres of ducts, 2 kilometres of drainage works, and 6 kilometres of kerbs to implement. The decontamination plant at Carré de Réunion uses biological treatment with activated sludge and includes wastewater, sludge, and air treatment processes. Together, the Carré de Réunion wastewater treatment plant and the Élancourt facility produce 80,000 m3 of decontaminated water using physical, chemical, and biological processes. The plant will be expanded and upgraded to meet standards, including reducing its nitrogen and phosphorus emissions in the Ru de Gally water stream.
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