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A14 resurfacing

From July 28 to August 9, teams from EJL Les Mureaux, Viafrance St Etienne du Rouvray, and Emulithe repaired a 17-kilometre segment of motorway A14 between La Défense and Orgeval. For the first time ever, our client, SANEF (which oversees motorways for northern and eastern France), closed a motorway to traffic for more than a week in an effort to complete a roadway-repair project. The project faced multiple constraints: An organizational challenge and a short timeframe, half of the motorway segment consisted of tunnels and overpasses, coordination of day and night shifts, management of concurrent activities,-opening a lane to traffic on Friday, August 2 as of 1:00 PM and closing it at 10:00 PM. The project called for slurry surfacing and the implementation of asphalt mix. The emergency lanes have been percolated with a cement grout, in accordance with European directives regarding tunnels. On Friday, July 26, a presentation on worksite safety guidelines (particularly with regard to tunnels) was held for employees. A similar initiative was prepared for new employees and held throughout the duration of the project. Key figures: Slurry surfacing: 12,000 m² Planing: 13,000 T High-modulus asphaltic concrete (reinforcement): 3,000 T Porous asphalt (road surfacing): 8,500 T Thin asphaltic overlay (road surface in tunnels): 3,000 T Semi-coarse asphaltic concrete (ramps): 1,500 T For a total of 16,000 T of paving mix On average, 60 semi-trailers per day 80 meals served per day
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