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Demolition of the Société de Train Universel de Longwy Buildings in Herserange

In 1964, the Train Universel de Longwy (STUL) was built. At the time it was the only continuous train in the world with loop control and cold-cutting. Extending more than 27 hectares, the Société de Train Universel de Longwy ceased production in 2005. The Cardem Metz teams carried out the asbestos removal and the complete demolition of six industrial buildings, including a 750-metre-long main hall. The work started in July 2014 and will be completed in September 2015. After a clearing phase, asbestos will be removed from all buildings. After this, deconstruction will be carried out mechanically. As a preventive measure, cable felling will be done after weakening the structure in order to bring down the 22 overhead cranes, a 60-metre-high chimney, and structures not accessible to the engines in the areas containing ditches and corridors. The process line (manufacturing tools weighing approximately 10,000 t) is set up ahead of the demolition of the structures. Operators in buckets cut the elements so that they can be mechanically carried away. Elements are lifted using an excavator equipped with a hydraulic magnet or grappling hook. Safety on a site of this scale requires the constant involvement of everyone, and progressive kinematics to prevent the 28 workers permanently on site finding themselves in unexpected dangerous situations due to concurrent activities.
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