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Dijon’s first tramway line enters into service

On September 1 and 2, Dijon’s first tramway line was inaugurated. Line 2 should be operational starting December 8, 2012. Greater Dijon – the urban community in and around the city – decided to build two tramway lines in order to provide public transit service along three main transport axes. The tramway will provide service to over 30 stations along a 20-km network. A consortium consisting of Eurovia Bourgogne (lead contractor), ETF-Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires, CBR TP, and three local suppliers, was awarded Lot 1, which includes construction of the platform, tracks, and façade-to-façade development from Chenove to place Darcy as well as the tracks of the maintenance centre. At peak activity, no fewer than 200 people worked at the site concurrently. Key figures in this project: - Excavation: 81,000 m3 - High-modulus asphalt for the platform: 30,000 tonnes - High-modulus asphalt for roadways: 15,000 tonnes - Road base asphalt: 10,000 tonnes - Light-coloured mix for pavements: 44,000 m² - Deactivated concrete: 12,000 m² - Kerbs: 25 km - 10.5 km of single track - 3.4 km of track for the maintenance centre - Aluminothermic welds: 1,400 - Sleepers: 17,500 - C20/25 and C30/37 concrete: 12,000 m3 - Track apparatus: 7 contacts, 1 crossover, 8 turnouts, 1 junction, 2 comb turnouts
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