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Embankment fortification in the Arles region

Starting in April 2015, TP Spada will carry out a 6-month project in the Gard region of France to strengthen an embankment in collaboration with NGE GC (civil engineering) and SLTP (earthworks). This initiative is part of a number of flood risk-management programs, including “Plan Rhône,” “Schéma de gestion des inondations du Rhône aval” and “Programme de sécurisation des ouvrages,” to be deployed between Vallabrègues (specifically, between the cities of Avignon and Arles) and the sea. Work will be conducted as part of efforts to strengthen the Rhône embankment over approximately a dozen kilometres along the river’s right bank between Beaucaire and Fourques, upstream from Arles. The reinforced embankment is designed to provide resistance to millennial floods: its height will be raised to 50 centimetres above the area’s largest recorded flood level along a continuous segment 700 linear metres in length. Work will include: • Raising the embankment by 13.2 metres in the target zone in accordance with the hazard rating • Installing a filter-drainage system to secure the existing embankment • Installing protective riprap around the existing embankment • Connecting the reinforced embankment to existing structures (walls, other embankments, water mains, railway track embankment, etc.). The project encompasses earthworks, civil engineering, masonry, and utility networks. Structures within the scope of this project are located south of the Beaucaire commune. The 3 target sections are the Musoir embankment (about 95 linear metres), Embouquement embankment (about 240 linear metres), and Des Italiens embankment (about 330 linear metres). The project also calls for raising the water-intake structure at Canal des Italiens.
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