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Eurovia completes its work on A89

A consortium consisting of Eurovia GPI, Eurovia Poitou-Charentes-Limousin Tulle, Cognac TP, Siorat, Guintoli (lead contractor) and GTM SO (VINCI Construction France) took part in a redevelopment project designed to convert sections of former departmental route RD9 into motorway segments for ASF (VINCI Autoroutes). This development, which provides the “missing link” on motorway A89, has contributed to creating the first major east-west thoroughfare in France. The solution put forward by ASF-VINCI Autoroutes and validated by the French government was unanimously approved by local elected officials following the consultation process launched in 2006 by the prefect of the Corrèze region. The solution aimed to optimize the existing infrastructure, which was 4.6 km long, by upgrading parts of RD9 to motorway configurations rather than build a new 17-km motorway extension. On February 7, 2015, François Hollande, President of France, and Pierre Coppey, COO, VINCI and CEO, VINCI Autoroutes, inaugurated the Saint-Germain-les-Vergnes / Saint-Pardoux l’Ortigier motorway section in the Corrèze region. Also in attendance were Xavier Huillard, CEO, VINCI, Pierre Anjolras, CEO, Eurovia, numerous elected officials, worksite staff, and VINCI Autoroutes personnel. Eurovia’s divisions began their involvement in August 2013 and completed their work in March 2015. They oversaw the clearing of rights of way, earthworks, demolition and reconstruction of an upper carriageway, extension of 4 lower carriageways, restoration of run-off and surface drainage works, expansion and waterproofing of existing basins, and the laying of subgrades and surface courses (using crushed stone and asphalt concrete). The project also calls for the supply and installation of temporary and permanent safety equipment, temporary and permanent horizontal and vertical roads signs (subcontracted to Signature Bordeaux), temporary and permanent fences, and temporary and permanent operating equipment. Major environmental issues had to be taken into account at this worksite: 110 species were surveyed, including 58 protected species. Accordingly, Eurovia expanded and waterproofed (geomembrane) 6 existing basins used in winter, closed off three streams, and created many wildlife-friendly structures.
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