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Lyon, express link

ETF-Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires Turns the Key to the Express Link Between Lyon/Part-Dieu and Saint-Exupéry

In Lyon, the job site for the city/airport connection was officially opened at the end of November 2008 by the Département du Rhône et RhônExpress, a holding company owned primarily by VINCI. This express connection will link the Lyon/Part-Dieu railway station to the Lyon/Saint-Exupéry airport as early as August 2010, with only 25 minutes travel time. The line runs a 22 km route, interconnected with the public transportation network. VINCI Construction and Eurovia are working together to complete the infrastructure work. The laying of tracks is done by ETF-Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires. VINCI Energies is handling electrical installations and Veolia Transport is overseeing railway operations.
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