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Rail Plan

Européenne de Travaux Ferroviaires is representative for the Midi-Pyrenees rail plan for 2010. This plan falls within the framework of the Midi-Pyrénées 2007-2013 rail plan, the largest in France covering regional lines. It provides for the maintenance and repair of tracks at the Capdenac hub, including the Tessonnières-Capdenac, Capdenac-Rodez and Brive-Capdenac lines. In total, 210 km of track will be updated, requiring 384,000 t of ballast, 289,000 concrete ties, and 340 km of track. The work will result in track that meets the standards of the main railway lines, and improve passenger comfort, reduce noise pollution for those living close to the network, provide better service reliability and perpetuate the lines. The job site will be active from March to November, 2010. It will require the effort of 500 employees and high-performance material, notably with one of the firm's two track renewal trains.
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