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Renovation of place de la Comédie

Renovation of Place de la Comédie

The teams of Baillargues and Entreprise de Fillipis completed the renovation of Montpellier's historic centre, including the focal Place de la Comédie surrounding the Trois Grâces fountain. The job site included the replacement of 7,400 flagstones dating back to 1984, and which were known to be slippery when it rained. The work was performed in two phases, and included the unearthing and cleaning of existing flagstones, shaving 25 cm off the concrete slab, constructing a new 15 cm by 36 m stone, and setting 1,200 m² of new Rocheret stone sourced from the Nattages quarry in the Ain region, decorated with crimson marble and Carrara marble in structural bands, and decorative brass joinerwork.
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