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Musée Grévin

With over 800,000 visitors a year and its 300 wax figures, Musée Grévin (the Grévin wax museum) is one of the French capital's bestknown tourist attractions. To renovate the entrance of this mythical place, a team from Sept Résine spent about 10 days in January, 2011 restoring it to its original colourful splendour. An epoxy coating - a high-quality and glossy resin designed for high-traffic pedestrian areas - combining two colours (ochre and red) was applied to about 100 m² of floor space and to 30 m2 of plinth surfaces. Meticulous application was required in the use of pewter corners to create designs in compliance with the architect's expectations. Once applied, the resin, which contains crushed marble, was wet-sanded six times; to complete the process, two layers of protective wax were applied. The end result is a high-quality finish well-suited to the mood of the premises.
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