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New Aquatic Centre in Limoges

Between January 2012 and December 2014, the Limoges agency built the Limoges Métropole Aquatic Centre, called the Aquapolis, in partnership with local small- and medium-sized companies. Recently inaugurated, this brand-new centre was built to promote access to learning about swimming for the general public and to offer activities for fun and well-being. It will also be used for organizing inter-regional, national and even international sporting events. The first of these events, the French Swimming Championship, will take place between March 31 and April 5, 2015. These major facilities (12,000 m² of covered surface and 27,000 m² of exterior surface) will contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of Limoges Métropole. Its construction took 350,000 hours of work, thus providing jobs for the local population. Eurovia’s teams worked on laying the asphalt, coating and concrete, produced a parking area and sidewalks, supplied and installed curbs, gabions, urban furniture and outdoor fountains.
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