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Work on the new quays at the new port of Metz has begun

Since early summer 2014, as part of the development of a multimodal platform at Site de la Maxe for Société du Nouveau Port de Metz (the authority overseeing the city of Metz’s new harbour), a consortium consisting of SETHY, ETF (Florange sector), Lingenheld and Durmeyer has been working on the construction of two new quays. As part of this contract, SETHY is building the sheet piles and connecting rods. SETHY is also carrying out all civil engineering tasks (piercap, stringers, ship unloaders) and dredging operations Work is proceeding apace on this 11.5-month project. As for ETF, it is in charge of building new rail tracks, including supplying and laying 1,240 linear metres of track on sleepers and ballast, 590 linear metres of track on concrete slabs, and three track switches. This part of the contract will be implemented in 2015 over a three-month timetable.
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