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Rehabilitation of Runway 4 at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris

A group made up of several Eurovia agencies was mandated by ADP to rehabilitate Runway 4 at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. The work was divided into two parts: infrastructure (Eurovia, Jean Lefebvre and Emulithe) and lighting (Santerne). Work started in April and was completed late September 2014, with the work divided as follows: preparatory phase (beginning of April to August 18), and then a work phase from August 18 to September 29 during which the teams involved 200 people during peak periods. The purpose of this rehabilitation was to improve traction and lift of the runway and to review its geometry. It involved a study and work: - to rehabilitate and ensure compliance of the runaway and its shoulders (paved or not) - to dismantle and reassemble airport runaway lighting - on RESAs (Runway End Safety Areas) This non-standard work project presented the teams with two major challenges. First of all, supplying 100% of the materials before the beginning of the work (90,000 t in six weeks). Next, providing and installing 102,000 t of pavement in 3.5 weeks including the central jointless stripe along the length of the runway (40 m wide and 2,700 m long), i.e., 12,700 t to be continuously applied over one day. Given the scope of the project, a “surface stay-time” was set up on the 45,000 m² site southwest of the airport, and two mobile centres were installed. There are many reasons for this choice: security (no traffic route was taken), traffic flow (no possible bottlenecks) and the objective of limiting the risks of stopping when setting up taxiways on the runway. The materials used all came from Eurovia sites.
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