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Remediation of the Plateau of the Future French Silicon Valley

Valentin (Eurovia) is taking part, on behalf of the Établissement Public Paris-Saclay, in creating an international and immense technical and scientific hub, which has the ambition of competing with the largest international campuses and becoming France’s Silicon Valley. Located in the urban development zone of the École Polytechnique à Saclay (91), this project is made up of many work sites, including the Valentin site, where a collector 600 PRV in diameter is being built PRV chargé to transport all wastewater over 3,500 metres: 2,100 metres in open fields and 1,400 metres in the city (on seven roads). The work site required mobilizing major human resources in order to meet the contract deadline: Six foremen, and no fewer 30 individuals divided among four or five workshops, as well as 15 trucks and 7 to 8 mechanical shovels. Franck Steiner’s team recently laid the pipes using an 800 diameter microtunnelling machine over a linear path of 35 metres. The site, which opened in June 2014, should be completed between May and June 2015.
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