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Renovating the plaza at Champ-de-Mars in Lille

A consortium consisting of EJL Lille-Flandres (lead contractor), Eurovia STR Lille, VPN, and IdVerde (landscaping) has just been awarded (december 2014) a contract to renovate Champ-de-Mars for the city of Lille, France and LMCU (Lille Métropole Communauté urbaine). This project is part of a transformation initiative for the city’s citadel, which was launched in 2003 to renovate heritage structures, promote leisure activities, and preserve green spaces. The goal is to redevelop the existing car park while showcasing the heritage site. The site will be turned into a versatile venue that can be used for festivities and circus events. In addition, 2 new car parks will be built on either side of the site, thereby adding a thousand parking spaces. At the citadel, the defence system conceived by the 17th-century French military engineer Vauban will be redeveloped with its original sloping terrain, covered pathway, firing banks, and parade grounds. Along the Deûle River, a one-kilometre promenade will be built. When work is completed (in April 2017), visitors will be able to enjoy a site designed for easy strolls and leisure activities and to discover a location restored to its 19th-century splendour.
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