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Restoration of Pont Mathilde in Rouen

Following severe fire damage on October 29, 2012 to the structure of Pont Mathilde in Rouen (which consists in fact of 5 bridges – 3 concrete and 2 metal – that span the Seine river and Île Lacroix), the general council for Seine-Maritime mandated a consortium consisting of Freyssinet, Victor Buyck, and Viafrance to restore it. Work began in September 2013 and was completed on August 26, 2014. Teams removed the fire-damaged bridge (115 m and 380 t) and cut out the damaged section (40 m long and 20 m wide). The new section was built in Belgium and sent to Rouen in segments where it was fitted together, loaded onto a barge, and placed. Then the joints were restored, all bridges were hoisted into place, and, finally, the 2 metal structures were grounded, repaved, and waterproofed. Viafrance removed asphalt paving and sealants, waterproofed the 2 metal structures using the Orthoplast® process, paved the new bridge, built kerbs and poured-in-place concrete dividers.
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