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France: Signature Industrie develops a self-reliant, wind-powered lamppost

Within the framework of its diversification strategy, Signature Industrie has developed a self-reliant, wind-powered lamppost - the Fujin® lamppost, in partnership with the firm Windela. This new project is the result of a combination of expertise - Signature Industrie for calculations, design and manufacture of structures, and Windela, for optics and wind-powered energy. The first commercial lampposts were recently installed in the Drôme, a region of the couloir rhodanien that is particularly exposed to winds, and at Combourg (Ille and Vilaine), on a shopping centre parking area, within the framework of a program launched by this network to open 'ecological' sales outlets. Fujin consists of three main components. The mast is of the same design as road signpost columns (gantries, cantilevers and masts) and is made from mechanically welded aluminum profiles and plates. The batteries are located within the base of the mast. The light fixture cover is made of a matrix of 84 energy-efficient LEDs, and provides clean and even 23 lux ground lighting, over a 25m x 6m surface, with exceptional and efficient quality. The windvane is composed of two combined vertical windvane designs: the Savonius central design allows the unit to start up in mild winds (3m/s), and the external Darrieus vanes take over and provide better energy production. The central generator transforms the wind's mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is stored directly in recyclable batteries. The integrated electronic control module is the system's brain, providing total autonomy: management of the LEDs and fixture lighting, surveillance and regulation of battery charging cycles, breaking of the wind generator in the event wind speeds reach 20m/s. The advantages of the wind-powered lamppost are both financial (100% savings on the energy bill, no connectivity to the network) and environmental (no greenhouse gas production, clean and unlimited energy source). A sustainable communications lever for the community and constituents, this project is truly innovative for urban planning and comfort. As well, all of the structure's materials are 100% recyclable.
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