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an own-site mass transit link from Sénart to Corbeil-Essonnes

Following its launch in September 2009, the project to build an ownsite public transport connection from Sénart to Corbeil-Essonnes was completed this past spring. The mandate, which was carried out by teams from EJL Cannes-Écluse (lead contractor), Eurovia Combsla- Ville, TP Goulard, STRF, VINCI Terrassement and Eurovia Béton, called for the development of a dedicated lane nearly 10 kilometres long for TZen, a bus line providing intensive service between the RER stations in Lieusaint and Corbeil-Essonnes. Teams were tasked with excavation, storm drainage works, the diversion of existing networks, and the development of stations and bus stops, five roundabouts, and complementary lanes. A key feature of this project was the distinctive use of colour and texture as illustrated by the deployment of lightcoloured sandblasted concrete as a paving solution for the 65,000-m² surface of the TZen dedicated lane.
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