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Germany: Rehabilitation of a Tunnel in Baden-Württemberg

In 2014, November, the "Structure Rehabilitation” branch in Frankfurt completed work to repair the Schlossberg Tunnel in Tübingen (Bade-Wurtemberg), which is now fully back in operation. This 265-metre-long tunnel located on the B28, crosses through Baden-Württemberg, connecting the French border (RN 4) to Senden in Western Bavaria. Simultaneously with renovating the structure of the two decks, the equipment for operating the tunnel since March 2013 were also replaced with more modern equipment. Given the very high daily traffic of 39,000 vehicles on this structure, which is nearly 35 years old, it had become urgent to restore it and prevent further deterioration of the supporting structure. “The inhabitants of Tübingen are pleased that, at the end of these necessary renovations, traffic flow in the city and crossing the city has clearly improved,” a relieved Boris Palmer, Mayor of Tübingen pointed out.
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