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Germany: Complex Rehabilitation of a Street in Saxony’s Capital

A business consortium, including the Eurovia agency in Dresden, fully rehabilitated a stretch of more than 1 km of the Schandauer Strasse in Dresden (capital of Saxony), a very busy street in a complex and narrow area. This group had to demolish a bridge and rebuild it from scratch, lowering its highest point and expanding the clear passage under the structure. As well, it had to renovate the water mains, some of which were over 100 years old, as well as many individual connections, for example, for gas, electricity and telecommunications. Civil engineering work was also carried out for the traffic lights and public lighting. The road was newly paved with asphalt, plus sidewalks and tramway stops set up and made accessible for people with reduced mobility. Lastly, to be able to run wider trams on the trainsets on this part of the route, the railways were renovated and widened.
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