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Livraison d’un quai du Grand Port Maritime de Guyane

After two years and five months of construction work, quay 2 of the Dégrad des Cannes port (Grand Port Maritime de Guyane) was delivered on 18 July 2014. The contract was signed in December 2010, but construction work was delayed when a heavy rock was discovered along quay 1. The discovery of geological anomalies requiring the placement of longer piles than foreseen in the contract. The teams reinforced the foundation of the existing quay by using a combined wall made up of steel piles (1,220 mm in diameter) and sheet piling, mounted with a concrete capping beam. The piles were anchored to diorite (extremely hard rock) and it was necessary to use a ‘cluster drill’ for the anchoring. This operation was conducted under 7 metres of water and 5 metres of mud. The work also consisted of the reconstruction of platforms adjacent to the quay (8,000 m² concrete slab of 70 cm thickness) as well as the placement of three lamellar clarifiers (to recover and treat surface water in the whole port) and the restoration of VRD external works. This delivery enabled the berthing of “Roll-on-roll-off” ships (cargo vessels with one or more ramps used especially to transport vehicles) and the unloading of heavy machinery, which had been impossible for the past two years. The VRD external works will be completed at the end of August 2014.
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