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Réunion, viaduct watertightness

Eurovia ensures that the Grande Ravine viaduct is watertight

Accompanied by almost a dozen divisions of Groupe VINCI, Eurovia took part in the construction of the Route des Tamarins, which opened to traffic in June of 2009. An axial highway was designed to relieve traffic congestion on the western end of Réunion. The site, which opened in 2005, included the completion of 33.7 km of 2 x 2 express lanes between Saint-Paul and Etang Salé. A team from the Eurovia d'Aubervilliers division that specializes in watertightness was dispatched to the site. It completed watertightness compliances for more than half of the engineering structures, comprising nearly 100,000 m2. At the Grande Ravine viaduct, Eurovia laid asphalt according to a formula specially designed at its research centre. After 18 months of research and testing, the new product, baptized Orthoplast® H, was manufactured in France and transported to the site in heated containers.
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