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variable message signs for the Grouft and Stafelter tunnels

In late 2011, Signature Traffic Systems won a major contract to install variable message signs in the Grouft and Stafelter tunnels in Luxembourg. Initial studies were launched in early 2012, and the first signs were installed in 2013. The Grouft tunnel (3.2 km long) is now fully equipped (including all panels and cables), and pilot system tests are under way; the system will enter into service in late 2014. The Stafelter tunnel (1.6 km long) is currently being fitted out with equipment and cables and should be operational in late 2014. In addition to safety and control systems, panels and lights will be installed: • 12 exterior signal gantries • 44 lane-assignment lights • 58 variable message signs (displaying speed limits, road hazards, traffic delays, and more) • 5 variable message panels displaying text and pictograms • 68 stainless steel lattice girders for roads signs inside the tunnel
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